Head of the Galileo First Generation System Security Service

Noordwijk, The Netherlands, ESA [10163]

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Cyber Security Space Systems Engineering
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ESA is looking for the Head of the Galileo First Generation System Security Service.


Under the direct authority of the Head of the Galileo First Generation Project Office, the Head of the First Generation (G1) System Security Service is in charge of security-related activities for Galileo First Generation including end-to-end system security engineering, design and development of Galileo Public Regulated Service (PRS) infrastructure, as well as security accreditation and cyber security. If recruited to this position, you will be accountable vis-à-vis Security Authorities for the good performance of the Galileo system.


• Implementing overall systems security engineering, including security requirements flow-down, implementation follow-up, security operations engineering and maintenance of the System Security Requirements (SSRS) Statement of Compliance (SOC);
• Defining and maintaining the technical (functional, performance, operational) security requirements applicable to procurement of the overall system infrastructure, namely space and ground segments, and associated operations and launcher services, ensuring their overall traceability;
• Supporting the G1 System Engineering Services in the definition of the new Galileo First Generation Navigation services (OS NMA, HAS, CAS, EWS) to ensure their compliance with mission and system security requirements;
• Monitoring the correct implementation of the system security requirements at all levels within the Project ensuring technical end-to-end consistency;
• Supporting the procurement of the security equipment on-board satellites and within the ground segments in coordination with the Galileo Space Segment and Ground Segment Management Offices;
• Contributing to the overall qualification at System and Segment level of the security requirement and to the deployment of the associated space and ground infrastructure in coordination with the Galileo G1 System AIV and Deployment Service;
• Providing G1 Public Regulated Service (PRS) engineering, including requirements definition and concept of operation for navigation performance and access control and the associated PRS qualification tools, including procurement of test user receivers;
• Supporting the implementation of the PRS IOC and FOC Services, including completion of the associated system infrastructure and service milestones as well as the corresponding service validation activities;
• Interfacing with Competent PRS Authorities (CPAs) in the field of PRS receiver development and validation as well as PRS access control with the objective of continuously aligning the development of Galileo infrastructure with PRS user needs and PRS concept of operation;
• Procurement and maintenance/evolution of the Security Chain Test Bench as well as of the PRS Test Bench located in the PRS Laboratory (including TURP and PRS System Test Tools) required for PRS end-to-end system testing;
• Carrying out Cyber Security activities including definition of Cyber Security requirements and implementation policy for Galileo in compliance with EU Cyber Security requirements and approval of cyber deviations and waivers at system level in coordination with the ESA Security Office (ESO) before submission to the Cyber Program Board;
• Performing the System Penetration Tests and Security Audit of the System Core infrastructure;
• Supporting the procurement of the Security Monitoring infrastructure and its deployment and operations service readiness in coordination with the Galileo Space Segment and Ground Segment Management Offices;
• Preparing core infrastructure accreditation (threat scenario coverage, risk treatment plans, risk analysis) supported by the ESA Security Office (ESO) integrated support, in support of overall accreditation activities performed by the GSA;
• Performing preliminary risk analysis in accordance with specific needs of the project and associated with the evolutions of the Galileo core infrastructure and the new Galileo services and follow-up of the implementation of the associated risk treatments at segment and system level;
• Coordinating the overall system documentation as required by the SAB to support the accreditation process;
• Supporting the G1 System Engineering Service (NAV-NFS) in the definition of the FOC Roadmaps and the G1 System AIV and Deployment Service (NAV-NFD) in the definition of the System DDVP and the integrated Project-level schedule and contributing to the overall risk management at the level of the FOC Project Manager;
• Managing at Project level, in coordination with the Head of the Navigation Security Office, the interface with different bodies for Galileo First Generation security aspects (EC, GSA, SAB, GSB, Member States, ESO) in line with the provisions of the different agreements with EC/GSA;
• Interfacing with the Working Group of National Experts Team, the WG-TEC, WG SPECIAL PRS, the Security Accreditation Panel (GSAP) and the Crypto Distribution Authority task force (CDA TF);
• Coordinating with the Head of the G2 System Security Service (NAV-NEX) to ensure consistency between G1 and G2 security activities.


Technical competencies

• Knowledge and Experience in the following security engineering domains: cyber security, security accreditation, cryptographic systems;
• Knowledge and Experience in Satellite navigation system and related security architectures;
• Knowledge and Experience in the application of satellite navigation with stakeholders from the security domain in Europe;
• In-depth experience of managing EU and national security processes, policies and frameworks;
• People management experience is an asset, as is international experience, i.e. outside your home country, as well as experience in diverse functional areas relevant to ESA activities.


A Master’s degree or equivalent qualification in engineering is required.

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The closing date for applications is 01 October 2020.


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