Receiver Standardisation Expert (F/M)

Torrejón de Ardoz, Madrid, Spain, ESSP [ESSP-RSE]

Field(s) of expertise
Telecommunications Engineering
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About this job

ESSP, a private company with 7 major European Air Navigation Service Providers as shareholders, manages the operation and supports the adoption of EGNOS, the European satellite based augmenting GPS: (and Galileo in a near future).

The adoption of this service in aeronautical market is rapidly growing given it allows correcting the GPS signal and offers enhanced features with accurate positioning and integrity within safety-of-life services making a key element in performance based navigation (PBN) scheme.


Ensure the interoperability between the EGNOS system (SARPS) with the user receivers (MOPS), manage the user receiver lab and provide expertise in the standardisation of EGNOS receivers in the different user applications.

The Receiver Standardisation Expert is responsible for:

Activities related to GNSS receivers platform:

  • Maintenance, operation, improvement and exploitation of the GNSS receiver platform.
  • Monitoring, analysing and reporting of GNSS receivers’ platform performances to control the level of compliance with Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics (RTCA) and EUROCAE minimum operational performance standards and proposing mitigation measures and recommendations for deviations or interoperability issues detected.
  • Coordination with mission performance team in order to consolidate the anomalies detected, ensuring that all the problems are correctly tracked and that the appropriate mitigation means are put in place.
  • Support to the Service Performance Monitoring Board, Service Provision Management Reports, Service Definition Documents, Service Notices and contingency situations for those activities related to GNSS receivers (including standardisation and interoperability issues).
  • Interface with receiver manufacturers to understand the interpretation and actual implementation of algorithms (e.g. MOPS: Minimum Operational Performance Standards) in their receivers and with the aim of monitoring and analysing EGNOS as close as the user perspective.

Activities related to receivers standardisation:

  • Interface with RTCA, EUROCAE and other receiver standardisation forums in order to support the SBAS and GNSS standardisation.
  • Identification of possible developments and/or evolutions of the existing GNSS receivers and standards in order to provide support to current or new communities of users.
  • Preparation of papers and participation of workshops and conferences related to GNSS receivers (including standardisation and interoperability).


Generic Skills:

  • Autonomy
  • Ability to work in a team environment
  • Good analysis and investigation skills
  • High level of English (B2-C1) – CEFR

Specific Skills:

  • Experience in GNSS receivers and standardisation
  • Capacity to problem solving
  • Team spirit and cooperation
  • Very good knowledge on GNSS technology
  • Analysis and synthesis

Job Requirements:

  • Business travel required
  • Minimum five years of experience in satellite navigation (GNSS) and three years of experience in a field relevant to GNSS receivers and standardisation
  • Engineering degree or equivalent.

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