EGNOS System Performance Engineer

Noordwijk, The Netherlands, ESA [10043-21613]

Field(s) of expertise
Electronics Engineering Telecommunications Engineering
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About this job

ESA is looking for an EGNOS System Performance Engineer.
ESTEC, Noordwijk, The Netherlands, with resident assignment in Toulouse (France).


You will be assigned as integrated support to this function in the System Engineering Section of the EGNOS and SBAS Division, Strategy and Programme Department, Directorate of Navigation. Training and familiarisation with the parent Department’s mandate, processes and procedures will be provided at the start of this assignment. You will report to the Head of the System Engineering Section and will be primarily responsible for following and support-managing the industrial work packages for EGNOS V2 and V3 performance and for contributing to all mission evolutions. Duties include:

  • ensuring the consistency of EGNOS system performance requirements specifications (integrity, continuity, accuracy, availability) compliance and qualification across the Division especially with Mission, PA/RAMS/Security and Development teams;
  • supporting the Division for all aspects concerning EGNOS system performance requirements, compliance and qualification, in particular for Mission, Standards and User Segment aspects;
  • supporting the traceability, statements of compliance and deviations to higher level requirements documents including MRD and SPRD and applicable technical standards for EGNOS performance requirements;
  • supporting the system technical external interfaces related to EGNOS performance qualification (CFIs for scenarios, real data, feared events definition);
  • supporting the EGNOS procurement process and following up industrial activities for all performance-related aspects, including requirements compliance and qualification, flow-down of performance requirements, design description and justification;
  • supporting the various EGNOS project change control boards (MRD CCB, Project CCB, OR Panel, SE Board, Programme CCB);
  • responsible for ensuring EGNOS qualification with respect to performance requirements;
  • coordinating the EGNOS performance simulation and analysis tools roadmap and its implementation plan to support specific EGNOS releases and evolutions;
  • preparing and following up industrial tasks and developments in support of EGNOS system performance engineering from early concept to system qualification including development of performance simulation and analysis tools;
  • contributing to specific EGNOS Navigation task force processes related to compliance with applicable baseline requirements;
  • contributing as panel chair/secretary for all major reviews linked to EGNOS performance matters;
  • preparing reports for internal and external entities such as ESA management, GSA, ANSP working group and MRD CCB;
  • coordinating with the GSA for all aspects related to EGNOS performance;
  • contributing to the dissemination of results of activities performed and knowledge transfer across the Agency and external to the Agency in accordance with management approval.


Technical competencies
General background and specific experience in the technical domains covered by the position
Experience with the design, development and application of relevant tools and methods
Project support experience in a relevant domain
Experience with laboratory or field testing of relevant technical equipment
Experience in the preparation of procurement activities for technology development and innovation (statements of work, proposal evaluation, etc)
Experience in the management and monitoring of industrial activities, including participation in reviews 
A Master’s degree or equivalent qualification in telecommunication or electronic engineering is required.
Additional requirements

  • Good background in satellite navigation systems together with several years’ work experience in these fields.
  • Experience in procurement of industrial activities, safety-critical software and real-time software development and verification are distinct advantages.
  • Experience in mission requirements analysis, system design and performance engineering and procurement preparation/implementation (preparation of technical requirements and SoW, negotiation with industry, implementation technical follow-up, acceptance and qualification reviews) is required.
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills, being able to work autonomously, effectively and cooperatively in a diverse and international team environment and to define and implement solutions in line with team and individual objectives and project deadlines.
  • Good analytical, organisational and reporting skills, a proactive attitude to solving problems and an interest in innovative technologies.

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The closing date for applications is 25 February 2021.
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