Cryosphere and hydrosphere Earth Observation Scientist

Noordwijk, The Netherlands, ESA [12702]

Field(s) of expertise
Aerospace Engineering Education and STEM
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About this job

ESA is looking for a Cryosphere and hydrosphere Earth Observation Scientist.

ESA is an equal opportunity employer, committed to achieving diversity within the workforce and creating an inclusive working environment. We therefore welcome applications from all qualified candidates irrespective of gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, beliefs, age, disability or other characteristics. Applications from women are encouraged.


  • Providing mission science and scientific support: to ensure the payload and end-to-end system designs fulfil mission requirements during preparation of new mission ideas and concepts; during the development and implementation of approved missions; and for in-orbit commissioning and operations phase calibration/validation activities;
  • Establishing, maintaining and convening international advisory groups related to Earth observation missions; initiating and conducting in-house and external scientific studies supporting mission development and implementation, geophysical algorithm development and related research activities; and organising mission-specific science workshops and conferences;
  • Providing scientific support and advice to Earth observation mission teams across the FutureEO, Earth Watch, Copernicus and Operational Meteorology programmes; and maintaining external interfaces with the European Commission and Eumetsat with respect to the corresponding advisory structures;
  • Supporting the identification and critical review of scientific challenges, EO user community requirements, and the interests and aspirations of those communities;
  • Managing the implementation of independent peer review of mission ideas and concept proposals in response to Agency calls, and the preparation of evaluation reports;
  • Communicating research results in connection with ESA’s Earth observation missions, and acting as an ESA ambassador at relevant events such as scientific conferences and during user consultations;
  • Preparing, managing, and monitoring external scientific study contracts and related Key Performance Indicators and quarterly reporting.


Technical competencies
Knowledge of scientific discipline, including strategic vision of the Earth Observation area
Knowledge of ESA Earth surfaces missions under study or implementation
Knowledge of the role of mission science during different mission phases
Knowledge of the relevant Earth Observation scientific user community
A PhD in one or more of the cryosphere, ocean and hydrology remote sensing-based Earth science fields is required for this post.
Additional requirements
You should have proven Earth observation based research experience and credibility (at least 5 years) in one or more of the cryosphere, ocean and hydrology remote sensing‐based Earth science fields. You should be familiar with current and future planned satellite missions including active/passive instruments and plans within ESA and relevant international programmes. Particular importance will be attached to your ability to work closely with international experts, relevant scientific organisations and bodies and in a team environment and to your familiarity with the programmatic outlook under ESA’s Earth Explorer, Earth Watch and Copernicus programmes.
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The closing date for applications is 07 September 2021.
At the Agency we value diversity and we welcome people with disabilities. Whenever possible, we seek to accommodate individuals with disabilities by providing the necessary support at the workplace. The Human Resources Department can also provide assistance during the recruitment process. If you would like to discuss this further please contact us at contact.human.resources@esa.int.
Please note that applications are only considered from nationals of one of the following States: Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and Canada, Latvia, Lithuania and Slovenia.
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