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Darmstadt, Germany, Serco Europe [2183]

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Space Systems Engineering
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Serco is a leading Space Services Provider with thousands of skilled resources that has supported over 50 space missions on behalf of more than 10 Space or Government agencies around the globe, including the ESA and NASA. Serco offers space capability across the full space lifecycle from satellite testing to Launch services, LEOP to spacecraft operations, space surveillance to data management, and supporting downstream application development. With over 55 years history in the space sector Serco is well placed to contribute to National strategies and New Space ventures who want to scale their businesses/organisations with skilled talent.

On behalf of Serco Germany, we are looking for an experienced Space System Engineer to support the activities on our Customers Site EUMETSAT. EPS-Aeolus is the operational follow-on to the ESA-Aeolus mission currently under joint- assessment by EUMETSAT and ESA. Its implementation is intended as an expansion of the EUMETSAT Polar System Second Generation (EPS-SG). EUMETSAT is now conducting phase A/B until 2025.

EPS-Sterna (formally ESA Artic Weather Satellite [AWS]) protoflight is micro-satellite equipped with a mini microwave sounder developed by ESA, which will allow to demonstrate the key technologies utilised on board, assess the impact on user applications, and prepare the follow on constellation, which is expected to be developed in cooperation between EUMETSAT and ESA. EPS-Sterna will allow to retrieve, mainly temperature and water vapour profiles with frequent revisit times on Earth allowing to improve the accuracy of the Numerical Weather Prediction models. EUMETSAT is now starting phase B for the EPS-Sterna constellation until 2025.


The main tasks of this position are aimed at supporting system engineering activities during phase A and B and this includes:

System engineering – with contribution to the overall engineering activities in the following areas:

  • System Requirement Document refinement;
  • Requirement Traceability to upper and lower level;
  • Interface definition and documentation preparation (ICDs);
  • IV&V activities definition and preparation of relevant documentations (e.g.VCD);
  • System Development definition
  • Specification of test tools (e.g. RF suitcase, NDIU etc.)
  • System SRR and PDR preparation
  • These activities will be conducted using system-engineering tools such as DOORS.

System Design – contributing to design activities in the following areas:

  • System Modelling and Architecture design (using Enterprise Architect)
  • Design Justification including provision of system budgets (Timeliness, End to End performances, etc)

Technical trade-offs – Contributing to major phase B trade-offs regarding the main sub-segment such as Payload Data Processing or Mission Control &Operations or Ground Stations, Satellite Simulator and other any relevant trade-offs for the achievement of the phase A & B of the future missions.

Technical analyses: Performed for the purpose of resolving requirements conflicts, assessing system effectiveness and justification of the proposed conceptual and physical designs considering the requirements and constraints.

The initial activities of the position will focus on in particular:

  • Contribution to Phase A/B studies of the missions
  • Updates to System Concept and Architecture Document (SCAD) following on from analyses and design outcomes
  • Contribution to design activities linked to system modelling and architecture
  • Contribution to the requirement traceability and maintenance
  • Update and support to interface definition
  • Participation in any necessary meeting to progress on the definition of EPS-Aeolus and EPS-Sterna system architectures
  • Preparation of presentations summarizing outcome of discussions and analyses on system aspects to support internal reviews (e.g. PRR of EPS-Aeolus, SRR of EPS-Sterna or similar)


  • Fluency in English
  • Experience with Low-Earth Orbiting satellites
  • Experience in the area of System Engineering on space projects
  • Experience in the area of RF engineering and verification on space to ground links
  • Experience in the area of mission control systems, operations or on ground processors.
  • Knowledge of model based system engineering methodology and tools (e.g. Enterprise Architect)
  • Knowledge of requirement management process and tools, e.g. DOORS
  • Knowledge of processes implementation based on standards, in particular knowledge of ECSS and CCSDS standards
  • Involvement in development of new space systems (phase A/B)
  • Experience on conduction of IVV activities, and test tools at system or sub- segment level
  • Familiarity with system change control and configuration management procedures

Benefits that Serco offers:

  • 30 days annual leave in addition to EUMETSAT and public holidays
  • If applicable, we will support you during your relocation process to come to Germany. Your home search will be supported by professionals we engage to ensure a smooth settling-in. Further support includes the search for kindergarten and local administration (family registration, child benefit application, broadcasting fee registration, tax class changes). We want to make sure that you quickly can focus on your new job.
  • The integration into Germany we see as another important aspect to focus on. Therefore, we support you financially up to 500 € for a German language course. Details on the administrative side of this support you will receive from HR during your induction on the very first days.
  • The work-life balance is an important subject for Serco, and we recognise the importance of being with your family, especially during difficult times. Therefore, in case of child sickness (if applicable), we support you with in total 5 paid working days in a calendar year to look after your child. Details on the administrative side of this support you will receive from HR during your induction on the very first days. One day special leave for apartment movement, own wedding day, child born, passing away of immediate relatives (parents, siblings, child, 2 days in case of partner).
  • Health and Safety is taken very seriously within Serco Services GmbH. We carry our regular risk assessments of the working place, and, where applicable offer medical examinations. We offer eye test to all our staff at the beginning of the employment and on a regular basis once per year.
  • To keep us fit, we regularly participate the JP Morgan run in Frankfurt. At our customer site, you can participate in sports activities as much as any other activities offered by the site-specific social clubs.
  • Serco yearly invests a significant amount of money to keep its staff trained by means of internal or external training courses (either technical or soft skills), conference or workshop attendance, language training, online training access to the Serco Business Academy, etc.
  • As a Serco staff you would have direct access to our job offers as well as direct contact to the related Contract Managers. Should you decide in the future to join another branch of Serco Europe, you would not be subject to probation period and your seniority within the Company would be carried over to the new branch.
  • Jobrad scheme for bike leasing.

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