Internship / Thesis – ICE Cubes Payload Engineering (M/F)

Noordwijk, The Netherlands, Space Applications Services

Field(s) of expertise
Aerospace Engineering Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering
Job type

About this job

Space Applications Services is a company based in the Brussels area (BE) that provides products and services for the space sector in many areas from Avionics, Robotics, Human Exploration, Science and Earth Observation.

The successful intern will be based in our R&D office in Noordwijk, the Netherlands. The position is in the International Commercial Experiment Cubes (ICE Cubes) Service to support its Engineering Team. The ICE Cubes Service promotes and sells flight opportunities to research organisations, industries, space agencies, academia and educational organisations.

The intern will be supervised by the ICE Cubes Chief Engineer.

We are looking for someone to be available for a 5+ months’ internship.


We are looking for a top talent currently enrolled in university studies, to contribute in our efforts to Europe’s expansion in the NewSpace sector.

Duties for technical internships typically include support to the Team in a selection of the following:

  • Design and development of electro-/mechanical and processing systems for Experiment Cubes (in particular of further versions of the EduCube)
  • System and subsystem trade-off, designing, prototyping, prototype de-bugging, functional verification and optimisation
  • Design and breadboarding of prototypes in the context of the ICE Cubes-related studies (e.g. RF, AI, bio-printing, cell cultures incubator, bioreactor, etc.)
  • Research, design and development of novel systems for low-cost payloads on the ISS (internal, external) and beyond (LEO CubeSats, Lunar Gateway, moon lander, etc.)
  • Payload systems engineering tasks and conduction of Concurrent Design sessions
  • Creating visualisation of concepts in 2D, 3D.


  • Enrolment in the third year (or higher) in one of the following fields of studies: Engineering (Aerospace, Mechanical, Electrical, Software) or Science (Biology, Fluids, Physics), 3D visualisation/simulation, or similar

Depending on the Thesis’ / Internship’s scope of work, a selection of the following is desirable:

  • Hands-on experience (university/professional projects/DIY) in avionics, electrical, mechanical, and/or electromechanical prototyping
  • CAD design skills, 3D renderings (e.g. Blender, FreeCAD, SolidWorks) and conceptual illustration, 3D printing
  • Basic knowledge of international spaceflight programmes
  • Experience with USRP and/or AI systems, programming languages (e.g. C++, Python, Matlab), Labview or embedded electronics for prototyping (e.g. Raspberry Pi, Arduino)
  •  At ease with and interested in technical, scientific and space engineering aspects.
  • Strength to cope with schedules and deadlines
  • Ability to:
    • Adhere to strict standards of confidentiality
    • Synthesise, summarise and draw conclusions
    • Work in distributed international teams
  • Excellent organisational and communication skills
  • Excellent written and spoken English.

What Do We Offer?

  • An experience in a growing company with Staff located in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands
  • A professional, pleasant atmosphere with motivated and passionate Staff, where autonomy and initiatives are encouraged
  • Under certain conditions, a monthly lump sum allowance.

The candidate shall be eligible to work in the European Union or in possession of a European Blue Card for two or more years.