Test Engineer

Stockholm, Sweden, Bradford Space [BS-TE]

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Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering
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About this job

ECAPS AB, a Bradford Space subsidiary, is a leading manufacturer of spacecraft rocket motors that use environmentally benign propellant LMP-103S, which is a green and safer alternative to conventional toxic rocket propellants. Currently we export rocket engines worldwide including government agencies such as NASA and ESA. ECAPS High Performance Green Propulsion (HPGP ®) is a world class product which is produced entirely in Stockholm, Sweden.

To extend our team, we currently have position vacant for Test Engineer- For testing of rocket engines for satellites.

We are in the process of industrializing our HPGP technology and are increasing series production of thrusters (1N) and propulsion systems for use of earth observation satellites. We are simultaneously developing rocket engines for higher thrust levels (5N, 22N and 200N) to expand our product range.


The role may include everything from test plan preparation, procedure detailing and testing of rocket engines produced by ECAPS. Testing may include functional, proof pressure, flow, vibration and shock testing as well as Hot Fire testing with live propellants in our facilities at FOI Grindsjön.

The test work is mostly conducted in clean room environments, with the exception of hot fire testing. In addition to practical work with the thruster testing you will handle article inspection, handling of components and consumable materials in production, and possibly quality control.

Also test reporting is part of the job.


You need to have the ability to work independently, but in an integrated team with continuous dialogue with other members of the test team. You are driven and methodical, and have the ability to follow processes carefully and report any discrepancies. The tasks place high demands on quality awareness, repeatability and documentation. It is important for you to customize your own work so that it complies with the industry standards.

Other requirements:

  • Calm and methodical personality.
  • Can perform under stress (hardware failure -> follow abort procedure with speed and accuracy to minimize damage).
  • Risk averse (our propellant is an explosive).
  • Basic physics (mechanics, heat transfer, electricity, electromagnetism, gases and pressure,vacuum).
  • Can handle mechanical tools.
  • Can write and follow procedures (think first, then execute).
  • Fluency in English and Swedish, both speech and writing.
  • European Citizenship is required; Swedish nationality is a plus.
  • Driving license.


  • Experience in a test or experimental environment.
  • Experience in clean room environment.
  • Experience with high pressure and vacuum systems.
  • Experience with aerospace propulsion systems.
  • Experience with liquid propellant rockets is even better.
  • Using and/or programming Labview.
  • Using and/or building electronics.
  • Signal processing.
  • Data reduction and analysis.
  • Test site maintenance and management (consumables, equipment calibration, etc.).


We offer a varied job in an exciting industry where you play a big part, as a team member, in the provision of High Performance Green Propulsion (HPGP®) for satellites on a global market. We are a small professional team where your contribution will play a big part. We would be interested in applications from all levels of experience to expand our team and are willing to provide training for the right candidate. For more information on the Bradford Space group, please visit www.bradford-space.com.

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