Junior Electronic Engineer, Deep Space Avionics

Belval, Luxembourg, Bradford Space [BS-JEE-DSA]

Field(s) of expertise
Electronics Engineering
Job type

About this job

We are looking for a candidate to join our small design team to develop, test, qualify and initialise manufacture of modules for a deep-space avionics stack.

You will be an instrumental member of a small team building out a full avionics stack product. The operation is new, based in Luxembourg as a spin-off of Deep Space Industries (California) and Bradford Space (Netherlands). Our team in Luxembourg will be kept small (~10 people) and will focus on the single objective of building a reliable, performing, and mass-optimised flight avionics system for upcoming deep space smallsats and landers. You would take the responsibility for the development and qualification of a variety of electronic modules, both digital and power, for this stack.

The operation will aim to blend the responsible, high-quality engineering practices of traditional aerospace engineering while implementing the rapid iterative development methods and dynamic workplace culture of a New-Space style start-up.


  • Design, optimise, test and qualify various spacecraft avionics subsystems for deep space missions
  • Contribute to overall avionics product design and ensure subsystem interoperability
  • Develop and deploy automated test methods and equipment
  • Setup manufacturing processes and procedures
  • Deliver to manufacturing stage, a performing product
  • Manage and maintain a development workshop and tooling


Essential skills

  • Practical experience in electronics design, build management, rework, and hardware testing
  • A previous end-to-end experience delivering an electronic product from concept to production
  • Decent knowledge of power and digital electronics components and design techniques
  • Some familiarity with the space environment and how to build a thing to work in space
  • A positive, energetic and self-driving attitude
  • Proficient English language skills

Strongly valued skills

  • Familiarity with spacecraft propulsion or attitude control subsystems
  • Understanding of space hardware quality standards and the space qualification process
  • Any knowledge of commercial and hi-rel processors and microcontrollers
  • Understanding of the space environment, particularly radiation and its effects
  • Experience with power electronics, FETs and heater/valve driver circuits
  • Past work on any aspect of spacecraft or hi-reliability electronics
  • Competent software development skills (C++, embedded C, VHDL and/or Python)
  • Build-for-test design, and hardware/software test campaign development & execution
  • Build-for-manufacture design experience and supplier management
  • Familiarity with relevant industry standards (e.g. ECSS & IPC)
  • Ability to build and rework electronics assemblies (including SMT soldering)
  • Practical experience running test campaigns (TVAC, vibration, radiation, extreme temperatures)
  • Relevant CAD experience (Altium used in-house for eCAD, thermal FEA and mCAD a plus)
  • A love of bullet-point lists

What we can offer in return

We offer you the chance to participate in the development a completely new type of modular flight avionics system that will enable a new class of deep-space missions. An opportunity to be a key part of exciting missions to the Moon – and beyond – launching in the near future. You would take on an important role in a new, revenue-generating company, with a mandate to focus on technical design and implementation on an aggressive development schedule featuring rapid hardware iterations. You would be working side by side with experts in other avionics domains, giving the chance to learn about other avionics subsystems. The position is in Luxembourg, a beautiful, cosmopolitan and welcoming country at the heart of Europe.

Duty station: Belval Luxembourg, with occasional travel needed

We would usually expect candidates to have 1-5 years’ experience in relevant fields. The role is open to candidates of any age, gender, orientation, that have or can get work authorization within the EU.

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